Christmas Gifts

Quality on a budget - that's this year's Christmas theme. I've made several of these purse and card sets. They're surprisingly quick to make and many of the people I know appreciate receiving handmade cards for gifts.

I like the purse because I can refill it with cards and they stay in good condition (no bent corners like the ones I stuff in drawers) Also, it looks cute on my desk or shelf. This paper design is Bella. Silhouette is my other favorite paper for this set.

Sometimes I get caught up in the card creating moment and continue adding details and layers to the card late into the night. While I enjoy the process of making the 6-hour $450 card, sometimes the practicality of limited resources (mostly time) dictates a 20-minute card which is mostly stamped on the surface as opposed to stamping every image separately, cutting them all out and piecing them together for the delightful 3-dimensional experience I crave.

Above is a case in point: The flower is cut out. Each little petal loving released from the cardstock. The button - trimmed, it's edges inked, and it's center laced with waxy flax. Such fun - it nearly bordered on a spiritual experienced as I lost myself in the joy of trimming and inking. Until I'd done about 30 of them. That's when the cramping in my hands disrupted the Nirvana. I decided flat flowers and buttons stamped directly on the card would convey all the necessary sentiment to the recipient without crippling my hands.

Click here for a tutorial to make it on your own. Or join us for a class.

When: Nov. 1 from 1:00 - 4:00
Cost: $18.00 includes paper, use of stamps, inks, etc. (there will be plenty of paper left over for other projects)

For more information, see the calendar on my CTMH website.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. These sets are so cute! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I will have to try it this weekend. Your Silhouette set is stunning!! That's my favorite CTMH paper too.