CTMH Jingle

I wasn't sure I was going to love this paper, but I've fallen to it's charms. A few years ago I was caught up in the disturbing trend toward pink Christmas cards. I churned out snowmen clad in pink caps and scarves set against pink plaid backgrounds by the dozen. They were tied with hemp to balance their"pinkness" and stamped with a sentiment wishing the recipient "toasty toes and a frosty nose" or something along those ridiculous lines. I thought they were delightful and I was endlessly impressed with myself, even though they'd been shamelessly copied from an idea book.

That experience purged my creative soul of the need for pink. Until now. I spent many unproductive hours staring at the packet waiting for the muse. Finally, a card happened. Then another. I believe pinkish Christmas cards may be in my future. In this case, the pink is balanced with other colors like tulip and juniper. I think I love this paper.

Above is the tri-fold shutter card opened and closed. I might replace these photos with better ones tomorrow. I think I need better photo editing software.

My sister made this one. Thank you, Kathy!

I think the card above is my favorite. I made the poinsettia by trimming down a CTMH white flower and dying it in tulip ink.

Pocket card - I don't know if I like it.
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi, i found your blog thru craigslist. darn i missed yesterdays crop. but i love these cards. I haven't gotten up enough guts to try cutting one yet. knowing my luck it will end up lopsided!

    pretty much this is a Hi I'm Jamie and thanks for your blog comment!