She's the Queen of Her Castle

Everything about my oldest sister is overflowing with beautiful, abundant, and uncompromising love.  If people can be divided into givers and takers, she is a giver.  A giver of hospitality, a giver of love, a giver of confidence, a giver of praise and, sometimes, a giver of hope. 

To me, she has always embodied this idea that very ordinary things become special with a little extra care.  A pot of flowers on an old window sill, linens hanging in the sun on a breezy day, a bowl of fresh lemons.  Where ever  she is feels special because she attends to the details of comfort and beauty.  More importantly, she attends to the people in her life - especially her sisters, nieces, and nephews.  Beyond any shadow of a doubt, she has been my most ardent supporter.  From encouraging me to go to college (and helping me through the process) to impressing upon me the idea that I can do anything with a little hard work, she has made my very ordinary life feel special.

I saw a collage similar to this one in an issue of Stampington I saw a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately I don't have the magazine so I can't cite with specificity.  Anyway...  I knew I had to make something similar for my sister when she bought her new home.  I discovered that collage is a tremendously satisfying experience.

This was supposed to be a close up, but I'm not sure it looks any closer. I suppose if I want great pictures, I'll have to use something other than my phone.

Happy Crafting!


Baby Boy Paper Bag Album

I've never outgrown my love for paper bag albums.  I think it's the crunchy way they feel in my hands and all the unexpected pockets and tags that keep me lovin' em.  And they are make great gifts for an assortment of occasions.  In keeping with my "use it up" theme, this little album used up the last of a K&Company packet of baby papers and embellishments that I bought a couple of years ago.  Here is the cover and a couple of the inside pages:


Heritage pages

My sweet aunt turned 85 this year. These are some pages made for an album to honor the occasion. The paper is a retired CTMH collection, "Unforgettable." As so often happens, I didn't know that I loved, absolutely loved this paper pack until I started working with it. Now I wish it wasn't retired!

Happy crafting and scrapping!