Cards, Cards, Cards

Kid Cards
Yes. I've been making cards. These two were made using the Creative Basics Animal Cookies packet. Each Creative Basics packet provides enough coordinating paper and ribbon to make dozens (oodles of dozens) of cards. This is a particularly fun design, perfect for Kid and baby cards, as well as all the "stuff" that's fun to make for kids.

The card on the left uses "It's Your Day," CTMH stamp of the month for August.

The card on the right is stamped with an image from CTMH: Nursery Bash - it's my all purpose "baby" stamp that I use for all things baby.

Masculine Cards
Why don't we ever have enough cards for men? I hypothesize that it has something to do with 3 million flower stamps on the market vs. the 7 non-flower stamps available (okay, I made those numbers up, but you get my point)

The card on the left uses the Simple Pleasures packet and the Alfresco stamp. So often I find that the stamps I use the most are both inexpensive and versatile. Case in point: Alfresco, one of the least expensive stamp sets I own, but I use it, use it, use it. It's a great set for making your own background paper.

The card on the right uses Majestic Blue paper and the New Horizons stamp set. This is another one I've used extensively. It is a sailing stamp and I know exactly zero people who sail; however, the theme of "sailing" transcends the literal meaning of "sailing." For example, we can "sail" through life, "sail through troubled waters" etc. When I coordinated summer school, we used the theme "sail through summer school." In fact, we can probably sail through virtually anything life throws at us, even troublesome multi-decade birthdays, particularly if we are reminded to do so with a lovingly hand-crafted card.

Wedding Cards
The card on the left uses CTMH's Soul Mates stamp set and cardstock. Clean. Simple.

The card on the right also uses Soul Mates, but the paper is Silhouette. I like the warmth - it has a very different personality, despite similarity in design.

I'm off to create workshops for the coming crafting season.

Happy crafting!