Bill Fold Mini - Album

Of course, August is among the most delightful months of the year. And, I adore the long hot days that mark this last month of summer vacation. But, the heat... it's terribly draining. Most of the summer has been passed with a simple routine of eating, swimming, and sunning - similar to how a Labrador retriever might spend vacation, except I also read as I sun myself.

This schedule, coupled with hellishly high temperatures, has left me exhausted. As a result, I've had to add napping under the air conditioner to my already busy day.

I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to craft this billfold mini-album using a fun set of papers called "Zach's Life."

I opened an Etsy store, and this item will be part of the inventory. Check it out - What a remarkable idea to have an online site for crafters to share their products with the world.

Check out the pocket and pull-out journaling tab.

I can't remember if its time to nap under the air conditioner or lay in the sun, but I know I'm late for something.

Enjoy these lovely summer days.

Happy Crafting!

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