Flower Shop and a Brief Word on Focus

It's true. I can't get enough of these adorable cards in a box. They remind me of window shopping. Again, thank you Mothermark for the inspiration. This one is aptly named "Flower Shop."

The sign on the flower shop reads "Happy Birthday;" however, there is virtually no chance this creation will ever leave my studio to become someone else's birthday card. I've simply bonded with it and I can never let it go.

Three tiny flower pots sit in the window - each embossed, edged with scalloped scissors, and tied with pink polka-dot ribbon. The nine flowers, stamped and and lovingly trimmed to release them from the cardstock, are surrounded by tiny green leaves - also stamped and trimmed. The inside is equally adorable with a border of leaves trailing from a bouquet of flowers in the corner. Please pardon my modesty - the card is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Now, for a brief word on focus: Surely we've all been admonished to "keep your eye on the prize," to "visualize the final outcome" to "ask and ye shall receive." So, here's my little story:

I wanted to make limoncello, however the recipe requires 24 large, perfect lemons. I

couldn't even find one decent lemon - even Costco was out. Life had given me Everclear, the other key ingredient to limoncello, but no lemons. Saturday afternoon I was lounging in the sun, wishing I had a batch of limoncello brewing - and guess who came to my door? A LEMON SALESMAN!! That's right. A door-to-door lemon salesman! Who knew that profession even existed?

I sense there is a moral to this story and when I figure out what it is, I'll get back to you.

Until then,

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I think we were looking at each other cards at the same time on SCS. I saw you left a comment on my card. I just love your card. I also found the limoncello very interesting and viewed the recipe. I would love to try this. Better yet, I could come over and help sample the one you made. lol Thank so much for sharing.