Farm Life Layout

Was there ever a mother who didn't look back and wonder what happened to the days she thought would last forever? I recently completed this layout of pictures taken more than twenty years ago when we were young, energetic, and believed happiness was a goal to reach rather than a way to live.

There aren't many things I would change about those days, but I do wish I'd spent less time trying to "create" a set of circumstances that would spell out happiness, and more time soaking up the beautiful essence of those precious little people who would grow up way, way too fast. I didn't understand that they came to me as complete packages - the seeds of who they would become already planted. I only had to nurture, love, and support. I'm sure I did all those things; but I added an additional dose of worry, stress, and a fear that who we were and what we had to offer wouldn't be enough.

I would like very much to relive the sweetness of their babyhood, the curiosity as they explored the world, and rekindle the magical feeling of being very, very special to a child. But, my lesson is that happiness isn't a goal, but a way of living in the moment. The challenge is to nurture the present while sometimes missing the past.
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Stamp: Western Flourishes
Dimensional Elements
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