A Dreadful Day

I had poor Bulldog neutered today and the whole experience has left him feeling terribly disheartened.

I'm tortured by guilt. He's so miserable, so not-manly, so betrayed. I feel awful - like I might go to hell for disfiguring my dog. I had no idea he would be so miserable in the hours following the "experience."

I grilled a sirloin steak for him about an hour ago. His mood lightened considerably for a few minutes after his feast, but now he's back to being sad. Did Dante mention a level of hell for dog neuterers? If so, I'll probably spend eternity there.

I'm sorry Bulldog.

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  1. Don't feel so bad about your bulldog. Most of his "miserableness" is recovering from the anesthesia. Dogs usually pop up pretty quickly after surgeries, like within 2-3 days. You did a good thing having him neutered and not making more unwanted babies. Where I live in the south, the two main animal places are getting tons of "foreclosure" pets being abandoned. We've always had our critters neutered/spayed, too, but there was one I wish I waited on; she would have been such a good mommie! We're taking our Maltese in this weekend for her operation. And don't give your dog people food. We're nearly killed our Schnauzer doing that -- lesson learned. Jackie R.,