She's the Queen of Her Castle

Everything about my oldest sister is overflowing with beautiful, abundant, and uncompromising love.  If people can be divided into givers and takers, she is a giver.  A giver of hospitality, a giver of love, a giver of confidence, a giver of praise and, sometimes, a giver of hope. 

To me, she has always embodied this idea that very ordinary things become special with a little extra care.  A pot of flowers on an old window sill, linens hanging in the sun on a breezy day, a bowl of fresh lemons.  Where ever  she is feels special because she attends to the details of comfort and beauty.  More importantly, she attends to the people in her life - especially her sisters, nieces, and nephews.  Beyond any shadow of a doubt, she has been my most ardent supporter.  From encouraging me to go to college (and helping me through the process) to impressing upon me the idea that I can do anything with a little hard work, she has made my very ordinary life feel special.

I saw a collage similar to this one in an issue of Stampington I saw a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately I don't have the magazine so I can't cite with specificity.  Anyway...  I knew I had to make something similar for my sister when she bought her new home.  I discovered that collage is a tremendously satisfying experience.

This was supposed to be a close up, but I'm not sure it looks any closer. I suppose if I want great pictures, I'll have to use something other than my phone.

Happy Crafting!

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